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How to Subscribe

Spedan News / Saturday 4th of June 2016

Subscribe to the Spedan Knowledge base simply and easily.

Note: All members are required to add their company details or join and existing business after initial registration.

Initial Registration

  1. Enter your email in the box provided and we will send you a confirmation email.
  2. When you receive your validation email (check your spam), click on the validate link and enter a memorable password.
  3. You will then be redirected to the login page where you will able to log into the system.
  4. Congratulations, you are registered.

How to add your company details.

You have two options when adding your company details:

  1. If you are joining Spedan as a new business:
    • From your dashboard, click on 'Add My Business Details', you will be presented with a page asking for either your Business ID or to 'Add a new business'.
    • Complete the new business form including your VAT number and submit your details.
    • That's it your company is now added and you are the primary administrator of this business.
    • You can also edit your company details and upload a company logo.
    • Now for the great bit, you can add your colleagues! Just ask them to register and apply your Business ID, they will not need the VAT number. 
  2. If you are joining spedan under an existing business:
    • From your dashboard, click on 'Add My Business Details', you will be presented with a page asking for your Business ID.
    • If you are sure your business is already registered but you do not know your Business ID, either contact your account administrator or Spedan directly, we are happy to help.
    • Enter your Business ID in the box provided and submit your details.
    • If the ID is correct you will be added as a member of your business.

Q: What are the benefits of registering?
A: There are many benefits to subscribing to Spedan such as:

  • You will receive instant free access to content in the Knowledge Base (Premium offers more).
  • You will be kept informed of important articles we publish directly to your profile, think of it as a free online magazine subscription.
  • You will be able to see your team members and premium members can share files with each other.

Q: Why do you need my VAT number?
A: We only use your VAT number to validate that you are a real business and it is not used beyond the registration process.

Q: What is a business ID?
A: The business ID is a unique identifier for your business which is used to simplify the process of adding colleagues to your team; this is especially useful for premium users as it allows you to share important documents across your team members and for Spedan to provide helpful resources specifically geared to your own business needs.

Your Business ID starts with 'COM-' followed by a number of characters for example COM-ABCDE12345

Q: What is a primary business administrator?
A: The primary business administrator can edit team member settings; remove members if they leave your business, or you can grant them admin rights. If you go on to upgrade to Premium, you can choose which of them to upgrade!

Q: What about the security of my company information?
A: Please be assured, we will NEVER NEVER give away, sell or misuse your information. The information we collect is only used by Spedan to assist in administering your account with us. We may contact you to see if you need help with the Knowledge Base. You can choose if you want our email news and updates by updating your subscription on your profile page.