Article: Magog Industries achieve Quality ISO 9001:2015 success

Thursday 23rd February 2017
Magog Industries achieve Quality ISO 9001:2015 success

Magog gain ISO 9001:2015

We’d like to offer our congratulations to Magog Industries in Ware, Hertfordshire who have successfully passed their Certification Audit to the Quality Management standard ISO 9001:2015. Magog Industries are a leading UK manufacturer and refurbisher of screws and barrels for the plastics and rubber industry.

In the face of a challenging market for plastics and rubber products, the company took the decision to implement the quality management standards as part of a strategic plan to develop and grow the company. Using tools such as the Management Review and Internal Audit process, the company have been able to set, carry out and review improvement actions which have really benefitted the business. 

The implementation process gave Managing Director, John Allsop, the opportunity to implement the changes he had been planning. By involving all the team in the project, the objectives that he had set were achieved with further improvements being identified as well.

‘The important thing for me is that we are on the journey’ said John, ‘it’s easy to carry on as you are, but I wanted to put the system in and get it certified so that the team recognised the importance of working together. It’s been a really good development process for us and we’re looking forward together’

'Magog is a really interesting business’ said Adam Faiers, Consultant at Spedan Ltd ‘they operate in a challenging environment, but have a great product and service offer. They have real potential as well as the plastics and rubber industry looks to more efficient ways of working. Their system is really going to help them achieve their goals’

For more information on Magog, please visit their Website

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