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Hi Pro achieve ISO9001:2015

Customer Stories / Wednesday 5th of October 2016

Hi Pro Pressure Products Ltd, based in Aylesbury, specialises in the supply of High Pressure Products for use within a range of applications. Typical clients include some leading Universities, Research Establishments and Manufacturers of high end materials. The company has formed strategic relationships with world class manufacturers and understands the technical intricacies of working with these high risk products.

Earlier this year, Terry Shearer, the Founder and Managing Director, decided that to help focus the company in the marketplace, the team would adopt a management system. They would then certify that system to the international standard, ISO 9001:2015. Working with Consultants from Spedan Ltd, the team designed and implemented a system that they knew would help to move their strategy forward while also maintaining existing high levels of customer service.

The team assessed the risks they faced as an organisation and identified the opportunities that were available to them. This assessment was invaluable; some of the key issues that had concerned them came to the surface enabling them to make the decisions that really mattered. As a result, the robustness of the operating processes improved far more than had been envisaged.

The opportunities that were discussed ranged from improved Marketing and Sales, right through to the Design and Development process. The team were able to prioritise any issues and then agree a plan to work to.

Three months after the Certification Audit, the team are maintaining the systems they set up and take a regular look at their objectives to ensure that they are continuously improving. It’s a great success story and one that Grahame Northey, General Manager says has made a real difference.

“We are delighted with how this has developed, everyone has entered into the spirit of the project, we now have a very motivated team who use the system enthusiastically We invest the time to meet and review our progress because it saves time in the long run. Having designed the system to work for us, we can solve problems a lot faster! It is also evolving as we go which means it continues to be relevant and does not get outdated”

Delia Burton, the Sales & Accounts Manager also believes the system has helped them improve

“now we have systems for managing daily problems that everyone is working to, which makes life a lot easier; we discuss issues, we prioritize them and then we can be confident that they will be dealt with”

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