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ISO14001 success for AE Rubber

Customer Stories / Thursday 6th of December 2018

Back in March 2017 we reported that AE Rubber (UK) Ltd had successfully transitioned to the revised ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Well, the Yaxley, Peterborough based company have now added an ISO14001:2015 certificate to their portfolio of independently audited and internationally recognised Standards, having passed their audit by Certification Body NQA last week.

Alister Constantine, Director at Spedan Ltd, who also worked with the management team on the ISO9001 transition, supported them throughout the project to ensure conformance with standard requirements, but also that the system was practically applied.

Managing Director of AE Rubber Karl Snitch said today,

"Having transitioned ISO9001, we found the process of implementing ISO14001:2015 relatively straightforward. Because the Standards now have similar structures, we understood the concepts, particularly in the higher level clauses.

We received great support from our consultants Spedan Ltd, who had already prepared a management system which could easily accept the requirements for our Environmental Management System (EMS). They took us through the changes and additions step by step, from considering our environmental risks to considering emergency responses and product lifecycle assessment.”

AE Rubber (UK) Ltd specialise in the manufacture and supply of engineered rubber and plastic components, seals and hoses for customers across Europe, Asia and America.

Their products are found in a huge range of vehicles, earth moving and construction equipment, domestic appliances, lighting and pumping systems as well as electronic control, aviation, motorsport and machinery applications.

Karl also added that,

“We work with clients to specify the right material, process and tooling configuration to ensure the highest quality at optimum cost for the duration of the product cycle, whatever the scale or scope.

Environmental management and sustainability is now a issue in many contract requirements and negotiations, particularly in the transport sector, so it is important that we demonstrate to clients and potential customers that we take environmental protection and responsiveness seriously.

It’s also the right thing to do for our business, colleagues and neighbours.”

Interested in what AE Rubber (UK) can do for you. Then contact Karl 01733 235558 or sales@aerubber.co.uk.

AE Rubber are one of many clients that Spedan Ltd are helping with implementation and support for ISO Standards. Contact us now on 01908 255525 to talk through your own project.

Alister Constantine 

December 2018