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Who should we trade with now

Hotspots / Tuesday 11th of October 2016

Who to trade with?We’ve been looking at the Treasury’s Imports and Export figures and whilst it is clear that more than 50% of our top 25 Exports are to EU countries, notably to Germany and France, there are still some significant trading partners in other parts of the world. Top of this particular list are pretty much as you’d expect (United States, China, Hong Kong, UAE and Saudi Arabia).

However, further down the list are some real surprises; Russia, India and Australia are below the likes of Japan, Singapore and Turkey. Theresa May and Philip Hammond have already been courting the US and China which is the most sensible place for their efforts, but some real opportunities must exist in other nations such as India and Russia.

Turning back to the EU, growth must also exist in countries other than Germany and France, and let’s face it, it’s unlikely that they are going to shut their doors to us altogether. We buy more than we sell to Europe, so it’s going to be in their interest that trade deals remain effective.

It’s interesting at the moment though that the French and the Germans seem to be the most outspoken when it comes to pushing a hard trade deal Click here, while at the same time wanting all the tech companies and start-ups to move over there! Move to Berlin.  

Let’s not doubt it, we have stuff that people want; whether it’s knowledge, intelligence, quality or just an ability to thrive in the face of adversity, we should definitely be looking to bottle it up and sell it to the world.