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Thursday 9th of June 2016
Spedan trust accreditation

Its World Accreditation Day today, June 9th 2016.

What has that got to do with me, you might think.

Well, you have decided you want or need to be certified to ISO 9001. Perhaps your customer has been demanding it and you decided to go for it. You went on the internet and saw a company that can send you a manual and guarantee you ISO standard certification. And it was cheap! 

But, has that company been accredited by UKAS? UKAS is recognised by the UK Government, and independently verifies the activities of Certification Bodies (they are the ones who do your audit and issue the certificate).

UKAS will ensure that the Certification Body you use has: 

  • Trained and Competent Auditors in the Industry you operate in
  • A quality system of their own to ensure you get good service
  • Complaints Processes to ensure that problems can be sorted out

And if you are not happy with your Certification Body, you can go direct to UKAS to complain. 

Don't take the risk. Don't pay for something that your customers won't recognise. 

A full list of UKAS accredited Certification Bodies can be found on their website www.ukas.com. Or speak to us and we can give you the right information.

If you are not based in the UK, check with the the International Accreditation Forum (www.iaf.nu) to ensure your Certification Body is recognised.





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