Transfer your ISO Certification

Monday 6th of August 2018
Transfer your ISO Certification

Can I transfer? 
Yes. Occasionally, people want to change their Certification Body (CB). This can be for a variety of different reasons, such as cost or the result of a bad experience with the service provided. Transferring certification is possible and when it is planned properly, can be a very easy thing to do. Our recommendation is to ask the question about how transferring at the point you decide whether to use a CB as some may tie you in on commercial contracts, or charge you audit fees.

Are there conditions to transferring? 
Yes, you cannot have any open non-conformances. When you transfer, you need to send the new CB all your previous audit reports and they will check with the previous CB if appropriate. The new CB may take you on, but they will require you have an additional audit to close the non-conformance. 

What do I have to do? 
Contact your preferred CB and tell them you want to transfer. They will require an application form and copies of your current certificate and previous audit reports. They will then send you a quote in the normal way, and this will detail the audit programme they will follow. Take care, as they may want to change your current audit regime; durations of audits can fluctuate. We have had experience where relatively large companies have had very low durations, and were surprised when their new audit body wanted to increase the days. Poor service from the existing supplier might hide poor governance! 
If you do move, it is  important to stay in contact with both outgoing and incoming Certification Bodies to ensure that you don’t have any gaps in your certificate. 

Would you recommend anyone? 
We do work closely with the following CBs, and they have information on their websites if you follow the links. Give us a call if you want to talk through Transferring your Certification to see how we can help. 

Certification Bodies
Certification Bodies Process / Link to Transfer Information
Approachable Certification

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