Article: Client Update December 2018

Sunday 14th April 2019
Client Update December 2018

Client Update December 2018


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We’re looking forward to another busy December as we lead up to Christmas, and we hope you find this update on Standards, Hotspots and Legislation interesting and practical. Life continues to throw new challenges at all of us. I won’t go into the ‘B’ word, because there’s probably enough with issues such as Cyber Security, Plastics, and workforce health. 

We’re looking forward to starting work with some significant new clients in December, and to that end, we’re really pleased to have Hannah Irvine join the team. Hannah will be working with some of our clients, but will play a key part in contributing to the Knowledge Base in the Hotspots section. Her sustainability expertise is both practical and useful and we hope you’ll find it so. 

We’ve continued to build on the iSHEQ Knowledge Base and have added a significant amount of content to each of the sections.


Little Freddie

Little Freddie are a new entrant to the UK market for Organic Baby Foods and we welcome them as Clients. Little Freddie have recently started their journey to ISO 14001:2015 and as part of their commitment to environmental protection have introduced a Pouch Recycling Scheme. You can read more about it on the Little Freddie Website 


Hydac Ltd  Congratulations to Hydac on their successful transition audit to ISO 14001:2015. Alister Constantine worked with Stuart Gardener and the team to implement and certify the system.
Stuart said ‘There is a clear link between our attitude towards customer service and environmental protection, which is demonstrated and supported through having both ISO14001 and ISO9001 certificates’  


Added to iSHEQ
Take a look through iSHEQ for the new content in the Legislation, Standards and Hotspots Sections 

Legislation Standards Hotspots

Fire Safety Description and Guidance 
First Aid Description and Guidance
PPE Description and Guidance 

Overview, Guidance and Responsibilities matrix for: 

45001 Clause 6: Risk Management
45001 Clause 7: Resources 

Details on WRAP and the Plastics Pact
Details of the Courtauld Agreement 
Introduction to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the Circular Economy

Additional Case studies on: 

  • Best Available Technology


Client Updates 

The following updates may be useful to your organisations context. Click the buttons for links to external resources. For links within the iSHEQ knowledgebase, see the references in Column 3. 

Headline Details  Links in iSHEQ
  The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) have released some details on a company employee who continued to access personal data on his previous employer’s customer database, to use them in a new job that he had recently moved to. To protect themselves, employers should ensure that they have good processes to de-register users from systems, and if needs be, ensure employees sign appropriate policies and contracts when they leave.  
The guidance pages for the WEEE regulations have been updated, which we think will be useful. The page gives simple definitions and tools to check any exemptions. There is also guidance on batteries and examples of products that don’t qualify.  
     There have been a number of chemicals added to the CLP regulations. The legislation can be found by clicking on the link below, although subscribers to the Spedan Knowledge Base can access the list via the KB homepage / legislation. Search the legislation with ‘CLP’  
Occupational Health and Safety systems commonly deal with the overt safety risks, but there are some issues that can remain hidden. We were really interested in this update from IOSH on some research that has been carried out on what companies are doing in regard to mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety and self-harm.  
There are one in five workers that are over the age of 50 and with increasing life expectancy, this proportion of workers will increase. IOSH have released some useful research findings that companies can use to ensure that older people can continue to work longer and make a valuable contribution to the workplace.  
The National Cyber Security Centre published some performance results showing that it had dealt with more than 10 attacks per week, many of which it believes are co-ordinated by hostile nation states. This is pretty scary news for business owners, as many of these attacks seek out weaknesses in systems in order to exact ransoms. Make sure your teams know what to look out for!   
   The ISO 9004 standard has been updated to align with Annex SL, introduced in 2015. This revised format for standards has proved popular with many organisations. The 9004 guide for continued success will certainly provide a platform for organisations to build on, and guide improvement activies. We’ve provided a link to the ISO website, from where you can purchase the standard.  
If you are manufacturing or buying ladders in the future, you will need to look out for the revised designs that make more ladders more stable. A transition period is in place for retailers to exhaust stock, but all new ladders must have a stabilizer fitted. Look out for the BS EN 131 mark.

Working at Height in LEGISLATION

Look in the Working at Height article in the Legislation section. We have included an update on the legilsation and a useful link to a 'Safe Use of Ladders' guide



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