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New in December

Spedan News / Monday 3rd of December 2018

We’re looking forward to another busy December as we lead up to Christmas, and we hope you find this update on Standards, Hotspots and Legislation interesting and practical. 

Life continues to throw new challenges at all of us. I won’t go into the ‘B’ word, because there’s probably enough with issues such as Cyber Security, Plastics, and workforce health.  

We’re looking forward to starting work with some significant new clients in December, and to that end, we’re really pleased to have Hannah Irvine join the team. Hannah will be working with some of our clients, but will play a key part in contributing to the Knowledge Base in the Hotspots section. Her sustainability expertise is both practical and useful and we hope you’ll find it so. 

We’ve continued to build on the Knowledge Base and have added a significant amount of content to each of the sections.


45001 Clause 6: Risk Management
45001 Clause 7: Resources


Details on WRAP and the Plastics Pact
Details of the Courtauld Agreement 
Introduction to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the Circular Economy


Additional detail to legislation and guidance: 
Fire Safety: 
First Aid: 

Overview, Guidance and Responsibilities matrix for: 

Additional Case studies on: 
Best Available Technology


Manage your users: 
Making it easier for site admins to view progress on user’s training and progress.