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Welcome To Spedan

Spedan News / Saturday 4th of June 2016

Welcome to Spedan.

We're a specialist consultancy aiming to keep our clients: 

  • Informed about ISO Standards and associated business processes
  • Supported with the Implementation and Maintenance of ISO system (Quality, Environmental, InfoSec - and also Business Continuity and Health & Safety).
  • Sustained with ongoing improvement projects. 

We're different to other consultants in so many ways. We believe that all ISO management systems are tools to help organisations compete in a modern business environment. 

Our Clients benefit from onsite support, as well as 24 hour to a leading online Knowledge Base. We're in the process of accrediting our Knowledge Base to CPD recognised status. 

We want our Clients to feel part of a Community. Starting in 2016, we aim to bring our Clients together for mutual support and learning through a planned series of seminars and conferences. 

Take a look at our Blogs. They're an insight to our service becuase we believe in real-life. We take a look at everyday situations through the lens of ISO systems to explore what we can learn from them. 

Join us today. Register here for free.