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Standards 9001 Quality / Tuesday 6th of December 2016

This is one of the most remarkable stories I've ever heard. 

On Friday, a film is being released called Life, Animated. It charts the story of a young boy who suddenly stopped speaking aged 3. With the exception of the word 'juice', he rarely spoke any other words. He was diagnosed with a form of Autism and had retreated into his own world. However, in his world, he had found inspiration through Disney films. Unbeknown to his family, he was learning the scripts and characters of all the Disney films. 

One day, his parents realised that he was talking to himself using the words to the films and so began the most extraordinary journey of communication. His family ended up using scenes from Disney films to communicate needs and feelings.


What this story reminded me is that when you are feeling lost in your communications, there is always a way.