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The London Stadium, What's gone wrong!

Standards / Friday 4th of November 2016

The issues around the London Stadium are constantly in the news. Issues including segregation, access difficulties and the delayed implementation of the emergency services radio network. These continue with the resignation of the Chair of the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) due to a reported £51m overspend.

Now, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has ordered a “detailed investigation”. We thought we’d help him with a look through the lens of a Quality Management Standard  ISO 9001. The ISO 9001 standard details specific requirements for organisations to address on Customer Focus, Leadership, People and Processes.

The segregation and access issues would suggest a breakdown in Customer Focus. It cannot have been a surprise that a significant number of opposition supporters would be visiting the stadium at the same time.

If there were not any Leadership issues before there certainly are now with the resignation of Mr Edwards. Obviously, we do not know of the full reasons behind his resignation but the LLCD have lost an experienced member of their senior management team.

The Processes to implement the Radio network are clearly in deficit as current estimations put the go-live in February 2017, over 6 months after Stadium re-opened.

The consequences of not resolving these issues could result in the Stadium being demolished and having to start again as suggested by an expert in stadium construction. You can anticipate that evidence-based decision making will be at the forefront of any solutions from now on.

Finally, the Stakeholder Management processes are under real strain as all those involved seems to have developed a fractious and possibly toxic relationship with each entity blaming each other.

Whether your transforming your Olympic Stadium to a Football Venue, or you’re looking to run a successful business; these criteria are relevant in their own context. Contact us for a chat about we could help you develop your systems.