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Zoos raise £80000 out of PokemonGo

Standards / Sunday 11th of September 2016

When I wrote our first blog about Pokemon Go Click Here most people I knew looked at me quizzically. A day later, they were pretty much obsessed with the prospect of catching imaginary monsters around the nearby parks and roads! 

However, Pokemon Go seems to have had an unexpected benefit for British Conservation efforts, as recent research by BuzzFeed (click here) has shown that four Zoos opened up their gates after visitors wanting to see the real animals had left, so that Pokemon enthusiasts could catch more Pikachus. By doing so, they've made more than £80,000 by charging up to £5 for the opportunity! 

You might be asking now, as most people were asking back in July, what has this got to do with ISO 9001 and my quality management system? Well - Section 6 requires your organisation to consider Opportunities and Risks. In our experience, most organisations will focus on Risk, because they want to stop bad things happening. However, in this instance, the four Zoos, from Paignton to Edinburgh, have all thought about the opportunity that having virtual mosters roaming thier zoo has had.

The potential opportunities would have been discussed and a plan developed. I'd loved to have been in the planning meetings, becuase I'm sure some of the ideas that came out were pretty whacky, but in the end, their plan was simply to open the doors and charge a fiver has been brilliant. I'd have made sure the shop was stocked with appropriate pocket money toys as well! 

Liam Fox called British business fat and lazy the other day, but I don't subscribe to that. There are thousands of people in their business, every day thinking about how they can make great things happen. Using a simple format as set out by ISO 9001 could help you achieve the potential you're seeking. If you want some support, give us a call. 

Adam Faiers