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The week that started with House of Fraser

Thought of the day / Monday 24th of September 2018

Thursday 27th September 2018

AG Barr increases market share by volume by 17% 

AG Barr, the drinks manufacturer of IRN Bru and Strathmore said that it had ‘carefully navigated through a challenging and volatile marketplace. Of this there can be no doubt; the Sugar Tax has required a reformulation of the iconic fizzy drink and news that the drink would be affected caused thousands of consumers to petition the company against it. Clause 4.1 requires that that the issues which can affect the company, it’s products and services are reviewed in order that they can be prioritised and managed. Well done to AG Barr! 

Wednesday 26th September 2018

It's estimated that £500M has been stolen by either tricking customers or unauthorised transactions. 

The losses to fraud were published by Industry Group Finance who put just under a third of the losses down to transactions that fraudsters never intended to honour, but over two thirds down to money being taken direct from accounts. Difficult to pinpoint exact reasons but the message from the Banks is maintain your data integrity and confidentiality to reduce the risk of fraud occuring. ISO 27001 provides a really useful set of guidance and a platform in the shape of the 'Statement of Applicability' that ensures your organisation considers security from almost every angle and to the level of detail that is appropriate. 

Tuesday 25th September 2018

Indonesian man survives 49 days at sea on a floating pontoon after it cast adrift accidentally

This chap went to turn on the lights on the pier, which then cast adrift because of high winds. Although already out at sea on his platform, his company were no longer able to bring him food and water. He kept alive by catching fish and using parts of the hut and fencing to cook his food. Great initiative by the fisherman, but how would your company deal with that particular risk assessment! The standard sets out the need to put in place an emergency response to potential incidents, which need to be identified of course. This is a really useful exercise and one we're seeing more and more being required by key customers. 

Monday 24th September 2018

House of Frasers current predicament focuses on 'greedy' landlords. 

In response to the news over the weekend that Mike Ashley was blaming high rents and landlords for shop closures, we were reminded that it's important to build supplier relationships that are mutually beneficial. Not always the easiest to negotiate at first, but over time, any organisation will build it's credit with a supplier and should use this to build on. Further guidance is useful to look at in ISO 9000 as well as a the core material in ISO 9001.