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SHEQ Managers benefit from iSHEQ by Spedan

Sunday 12th April 2020

iSHEQ - the premium online resource for SHEQ managers. 

Managers that are managing Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality issues are often on their own in an organisation and need support to keep them up to date with the broad range of issues that can affect the business and it's ISO systems. The Spedan iSHEQ tool supports these SHEQ managers to keep their knowledge of Standards, Hotspots and Legislation up to date.

All you need to know about ISO Management Standards

SHEQ Managers with responsibility for the ISO Management systems in their organisations benefit from detailed clause breakdowns across the major ISO standards. The ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 are all included in the system, with additional content being added daily on ISO 50001, ISO 27001, and ISO 22301. Subscribers benefit from free ISO template downloads, training materials and methodologies to meet the Standards in their own organisations. 

ISO Legal Updates 

iSHEQ has detailed insights to over 50 items of the most common legislation, with everything from a general introduction to detailed breakdowns of requirements. Subscribers can download useful free ISO templates from an an extensive library with over 150 downloadable templates.

iSHEQ supports SHEQ Managers with detailed information on safety, health and environmental business hotspots that can affect their management systems.  SHEQ Managers can gain critical insights into the issues that could affect their organisations and ISO management system.

iSHEQ is packed full of detailed guidance with links to legislation to inform your risk management and legal compliance obligations. SHEQ managers can gain a deeper understanding of legislation to ensure that your organisation stays compliant. In addition, simple-to-use legal audit templates can be downloaded to use and record evidence of compliance.

Who uses iSHEQ? 

iSHEQ is used by:

  • SHEQ Managers
  • Senior Leadership teams wanting to maximise the benefit of ISO Standards
  • ISO Standards Managers (SHEQ, Business Continuity and Information Security)
  • Procurement Managers using ISO systems and processes in their supply chain

As well as all the content on ISO Standards, business hotspots and legislation, you will benefit from: 

ISO Systems Templates

Download editable ISO templates in the iSHEQ library to use in your own ISO management system. iSHEQ contains templates for all ISO management standards, which are continually being reviewed and updated to meet the demands of today’s audits.

Phone and Online Support

You are never alone with iSHEQ. We have a dedicated support team for all subscribers to ask questions and research issues that you need answers to. Online, iSHEQ contains its own interactive question service - ‘Ask Dave’. Use the 'Ask-Dave' service for all your questions about ISO management standards, business hotspots or Legislation, and receive your own bespoke answer.

For more information, visit iSHEQ

Adam Faiers - Director

Adam has been working on Quality and Environmental management systems for most of his career in small, medium and corporate organisations. A keen advocate of the ISO approach as a platform for improvement, Adam ensures that systems are practical and useful for Managers and Staff to use.

Following a number of years working on software development projects, Adam has diversified into Information Security and Business Continuity management. Keen to formalise his industry experience, he is currently undertaking a Diploma in Business Continuity Management at Buckingham University.

Adam has a PhD from Cranfield University and now supports the MSc Environmental Management programmes through the advisory panel and visiting lectures.

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