ISO consultancy for SHEQ, Information Security and Business Continuity.

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We listen to our Clients and learn how they operate. We build the ISO system around your business. You are the experts in satisfying your customers and the frameworks we develop ensure you maximise your strengths.

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ISO 9001

Achieve ISO Certification

We have an enviable success rate, and our great relationship with the leading ISO Certification Bodies ensures we know exactly what you’ll need when it comes to Audits.

If you’re just setting out with ISO Standards, have a quick chat with us. We’ll help you make some good decisions about the time, resources and goals you can realistically set to achieve certification to your desired ISO management standard.

Maintain Legal Compliance

Help your team get the most from their Knowledge Base by providing excellent support. From general information in FAQs, to specific support questions, and the ability to ‘Ask an Expert’, your Caybee Knowledge Base will become a trusted source of information on your corporate knowledge that all the team will want to use.


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We provide a reliable source of information and support to all our customers. In many cases, we are the ‘constant’ experience in the company’s systems.

If you’ve got any questions, we’d love to hear from you, but in case you’re shy, here are some of the questions we get asked most frequently.

A. We believe our ISO Consultancy should be fully flexible. Your system will be completely bespoke to your organisation, which ensures that your business objectives are addressed.

A. We are recognised ISO Consultants by the leading Certification Bodies (BSi, NQA, LRQA and Approachable Certification) and are members of their Associate Consultancy Programmes. We have fully NEBOSH trained consultants. All our consultants are Lead Auditors across the ISO management standards.

A. We have been in business providing ISO Consultancy since 2012 and have certified over 100 ISO Management systems successfully. None of our clients have failed to gain certification.

A. Our fastest ever certification was 3 months from start to certification audit, but most of our clients take between 3 and 9 months. It really depends on your circumstances and if you are ready to go, we’ll tell you!

A. Yes, we regularly support clients that have ISO standards in place for Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety all in one system. Some of our clients have up to 6 standards.

A. Yes, as well as ISO Consultancy, we have resources for IEC 61508 Functional Safety Management systems. We also do specific ROHS and REACH assessments.

A. Yes, we can provide you with an initial review and then send you monthly updates of changes to legislation that you can take and use in your ISO management systems. We can provide this as a fully managed service.


As well as ISO Consultancy, Spedan provides its clients with unique ISO training and ISO Knowledge Base guidance that you can't find anywhere else online. Our iSHEQ tool give clients the best online resources and guidance to implement and maintain an effect business.

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