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ISO consultancy for SHEQ, Information Security and Business Continuity.


Achieve ISO Certification - Choose Your Standard

Gaining Certification to ISO Standards demonstrates credibility to your customers, suppliers and employees alike. The Standards drive your ambition for enhanced customer satisfaction and risk assurance by operating with highly effective people and processes.

Our success rate getting Organisations certified to ISO Standards is enviable. The value of passing every audit unlocks the potential in your team to deliver stronger products and services, and continually drive your profits and growth.

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Need help with your Internal Audit programmes?

We will work with your management team to create and complete an effective annual internal audit programme. Our internal audit programmes ensure your team gets the insight on process performance and compliance on the issues that affect your business.

We tailor our support to your needs, from a fully managed service to periodic single audits. We will ensure that resulting corrective action plans are completed and will provide regular board level reporting on management system performance.

For EU based audits, we work with our long-established team of in-country auditors to ensure local legal and other compliance requirements are audited effectively.

Certification Bodies have to comply with their own quality management systems; although they may use a system based on ISO 9001 to manage their operations, they are actually certified against ISO 17021, which is the ISO standard for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems.

In ISO 17021, the definition of consultancy is the ‘participation in designing, implementing or maintaining a management system’ and cites examples such as the preparation of manuals and procedures, or giving specific advice or instruction towards the development and implementation of a management system.

Acting as an ISO Consultant is forbidden by the ISO 17021 standard, and UKAS, the UK accreditation service who accredit all Certification Bodies audit this aspect very closely. This is why an auditor can raise an ‘Opportunity for Improvement’ but the outcomes are left to the organisation being audited to consider and define the solution that is appropriate for them.

Certification Bodies will provide you with help to find an ISO Consultant through their Associate Consultant Programmes; see below for more details.

The strategic decision by any business to implement a quality management system, or any other kind of ISO management system and achieve ISO Certification is one that will have a profound effect on the organisation. Often, an organisation will decide to implement a management system without full understanding of the changes that it can bring.

Spedan Ltd have built a strong reputation for acting as ISO Consultants, so we are very sensitive to that situation and look to build close relationships with the management team and staff so they begin to fully understand the benefits and changes that will occur.

The decision to implement an ISO management system is often taken when the company is seeking to expand or trying to enter new markets, so is already under a point of stress. Those markets may be demanding that the organisation is ISO certified. The initial view may be that ISO certification is a ‘tick in the box’.

Although the end result of the audit process is indeed a Certificate, Spedan Ltd take the achievement of reaching the internationally recognised standards seriously, so that the organisation is well placed to provide evidence of their good practices to their auditors, and also regulators (in case of incident), or the organisation’s customers when they visit to complete customer audits. The strength of our ISO Consultancy is in the results that you achieve.

Organisations and their leaders will rightly want to take ownership of the process and may allocate the task to an existing person who has shown the right level of interest, experience or sits logically in the structure. We often find however, that the implementation of a management system may get bogged down in the detail, or day-to-day pressures take over and the people selected to implement the system simply need help and expertise.

The organisation should take a broad view of this situation; the ISO Standards themselves highlight that if the organisation needs additional resources or skills, they should look to acquire them:

  • Clause 7.1 (Resources) that the ‘organisation determines and provides the resources needed...’ to implement the management system
  • Clause 7.2 (Competency), that an organisation should ‘take action to acquire competence’

Spedan Ltd has been acting as trusted ISO consultants with organisations of all sizes since 2012. Our ISO consultants have over 60 years of ISO experience between them. Our growing reputation and experience will provide you with the knowledge of the relevant ISO standards you are trying to achieve. We have worked in a broad range of industry sectors, so will help you to effectively implement your ISO management system and ensure that people understand how to achieve continual improvement.

Our value is our independence; we are trusted by senior manager team for our insights to business challenges and we are able to secure buy-in from employees to promote effective change.

Here’s what our clients have said:

  1. “Spedan has brought knowledge and expertise on the ISO management system standards quickly and efficiently to our organisation.”
  2. “Spedan has brought ‘fresh eyes’ to our organisation’s processes and insights to how ‘best practice’ can be used. They highlight if legal minimums are being missed.”
  3. “Spedan has brought useful and practical information. They have additional services such as training, legal updating or supply chain support.”
  4. “Spedan has investigated, understood, communicated and worked with us to develop and implement sustainable solutions to problems.”
  5. “Spedan has applied its experience to ensure we develop bespoke solutions that deliver within the time frame set.”

When you are looking for an ISO Consultant, we believe it is important that you apply the same criteria as you would with any employee before you employ them. The majority of ISO Consultants will work with integrity, be trustworthy and have relevant industry experience, but like all employees, you should ask us questions that satisfy you and your management team that you will have the right support.

We are always happy to visit you and talk through our ISO Consultants’ qualifications and experience, our approach to the work and our success rate, and the other benefits of our ISO training and information services.

We want you to be clear in your own mind about what we can provide, and also what to do if you don’t think that things are going to plan. Developing systems and implementing changes can be tricky, so we’re happy to talk (anonymously) about experiences where that can occur and what we did to overcome them.

We seek to provide an open and flexible service; one that you can turn on when you need it. Often, we will start with a ‘gap analysis’. This can be useful, as it will help us develop our relationship; the organisation learns about the requirements of the ISO standards and how to use them, and we learn about your objectives and processes. A short gap analysis of your existing management system will reveal the good practice and the areas of development that are needed. You can then present these to your management team, along with a more refined and costed action plan.

We provide a flexible approach to our ISO Consultancy. The most important element of which is ensuring that you achieve the ISO certification that you need. All organisations work differently, and because of that, we can adopt different roles accordingly:

Project Managers and Co-ordinators

We can take the lead on the project you need to achieve; we will focus on working with your teams to achieve the desired outcome. We can develop project plans, and work with people in-house to ensure they are task-focused and the project stays on track.

Mentors and Subject Matter Experts

We can provide your team with the clarity and purpose of what they are trying to achieve. ISO management systems can be seen as complex, and we don’t believe in the early stages that implementing complex systems is useful. We believe that using the ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ process will result in continual improvements, so will work with people in-house to ensure they implement systems that are necessary and then look to improve them over time.

We will provide intelligence and information to the project team on the ISO management systems in order that decisions are made that are appropriate for the organisation. All the ISO management systems are open to interpretation and there is no single method that is appropriate to every organisation. A strong management system will take the requirements into account and apply them in an appropriate manner.

Process reviewers and writers

We will work hard and get involved in the detail if you need us to. We can write your processes and procedures for your system. We will work closely with the people that do the work to ensure they are correct, and with the management team to get them signed off and adopted by the organisation.

Whatever support you are looking to find in an ISO Consultant, we believe that we can support you.

Practical & helpful ISO consultancy

At Spedan, we provide practical and helpful ISO Consultancy. With years of experience, we support organisations and help them meet or exceed the requirements of the ISO standards. If you are looking to find an ISO Consultant, email or call us to chat through how we can help you implement and maintain your ISO management standards.


Need support with your ISO Management systems?

Since we began trading in 2012, we have acted as ISO Consultants on over 100 ISO Certification projects and they have all gained ISO Certification. We have done this on all the major ISO management system standards for quality, environment, energy, health & safety, business continuity and information security.

If you are looking to achieve ISO Certification, we will:

  1. Help you develop and implement a management system
  2. Ensure the management system meets the requirements of the ISO Standards
  3. Help you select an appropriate ISO Certification Body
  4. Ensure you pass the audits and gain ISO Certification

We have continued to work as ISO Consultants with nearly all our Clients once they have been certified to ensure they maintain their ISO certification year-on-year, and in many cases become involved in ongoing projects on all aspects of compliance.

We also provide a legal update service, ISO Standards training and support with customer audits and supply chain issues such as REACH, RoHS and Conflict Minerals.

If you are looking for help to find an ISO Consultant in a specific topic, such as Welding or Functional Safety, we have an extensive network of associates who we can recommend.

Spedan is trusted by the major Certification Bodies

Spedan Ltd are listed as ISO Consultants on the Associate Consultant Registers held by the major Certification Bodies (NQA, BSi, Lloyds Register, and Approachable Certification).

We have achieved this status because we have worked successfully with a number of Clients against each ISO standard and they have been ISO certified successfully.

We do not pay for or receive any kind of financial payment to be part of these Associate Consultant Programmes. However, we do actively engage with the Certification Bodies to anonymously feed back experience of our Clients to help the Certification Bodies improve their processes. Our Clients and their satisfaction is something we take extremely seriously so these relationships are important to us.

If you want some Client recommendations, we are more than happy to provide you with these.

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