Activ - Modules Available

Spedan Activ

A system for SMEs implementing and running ISO systems

Value – Convenient – Simple

Activ provides you with a platform to manage and integrate your quality, environmental, OHS and Information Security systems, as well as a Customer Relationship Module.

Activ integrates with Microsoft office enhancing your ability to create and link process maps to detailed procedural requirements.

Reporting and daily updates keep your team on the top of their game.

Activ has further modules for Supplier, HR and Incident Management.

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Maximise efficiency with clearly mapped and consistently implemented processes. Say what you do, and show the auditor you do what you say. Be compliant with the new requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

File Manager

Solve the familiar problem of enabling users to locate the documents they need whilst controlling access to sensitive information. Automatically create audit trails of change history and stamp document footers with version control information.

Improvement Log

Maintain information about customer complaints, corrective actions and improvement opportunities all in one place. Systematically define problems and identify root causes. Assign actions, track progress and confirm that solutions have worked.

Compliance Manager

Have your own in-house legal advisor. Automatically create and maintain your legal register. Schedule and assign compliance assessments and record the results. Receive tailored updates on new requirements, written in plain English.

Incident Log

Systematically record the critical details of all incidents. Collect witness statements, photographs and compile comprehensive investigation reports. Automatically create performance reports including industry standard accident and incident frequency rates.

Customer and Supplier Manager

Create a comprehensive database of customers and approved suppliers. Issue web-based feedback forms to customers and vendor approval forms to suppliers. Schedule, assign and track follow-up communications. Automatically create reports of customer feedback and supplier performance.

HR Manager

Have a go-to place for all of your employee records. Track employee competencies and schedule training. Create appraisal templates and record manager and employee inputs. Provide a central portal for booking holidays, monitoring absence rates and storing employee documents. Give your employees access to their records and stay compliant with HR law.

Asset Manager

Construct a register of all of your assets. Create maintenance schedules and work plans for engineers. Provide access to risk assessments, equipment manuals, task instructions and permit requirements. Keep a track of your costs and manage stocks of spare parts.


Encourage sharing of ideas on best practice, market intelligence and organisation updates by creating discussion groups for employees. Comply with ISO 9001:2015 by retaining key organisational knowledge and make it readily available to new starters.


For large organisations, separate information into teams so users only see information relevant to them. Where you have separate ISO certifications or distinctly different operations create multiple systems that a senior team can oversee and use to monitor performance.