Project Management

We will help Sustain your Improvement Programmes or Compliance with our tailored projects. Projects can be managed independently, or as part of a quality, environmental or information security programme.

We will work closely with you to develop clear project scopes and desired outcomes. Typically, we work with internal project sponsors, who give clear direction and authority to the project. As independent project managers, we can bring a clarity and focus to the desired improvement that is often not possible when done internally.

The following provides an overview of the type of work we do every day in organisations big and small. Get in touch to discuss your project needs.

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Legal Compliance and Updates

We will carry out an onsite review of your business to ensure that the appropriate legislation is identified and actions defined. Whether its Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety, Energy Management or Information Security, you’ll have it covered.

Through an ongoing programme, we will ensure that your team are updated and any tasks required are communicated to the relevant members of your team.

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Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management projects range from simple compliance checks on your critical suppliers, to Chain of Custody reviews, and the development of Standards that your supply chain needs to meet.​

We can carry out periodic document reviews on suppliers, including the collation of quality and compliance certification. Where appropriate, we can manage a programme of visits, or one-off activities to resolve particular requirements.​

We work with medium and large organisations, including Multiple Retailers with complex supply chains to develop and audit standards covering economic, environmental and ethical issues.

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Assets and Calibration Management

Every business has assets fundamental to its operation; from its people to the tools and infrastructure. This service utilises our specialist function within ISOActiv to catalogue all your assets and ensure that compliance requirements are met.​

We will catalogue all your tools and infrastructure and ensure that compliance requirements, such as servicing and calibration are carried out in a timely and effective manner. We partner with approved Calibration organisations who can either visit your premises or remotely calibrate and return your tools to you.​

In addition, we can maintain your training and competency requirements. Where training requirements are needed on a periodic or renewal basis, from First Aid to Forklift training, we can provide reminder services or a fully managed service.