ISO Training

Spedan Ltd offers a unique range of CPD accredited courses aimed to add value to you and your team. Each course can be delivered onsite at your premises, or you can book onto a course we are holding in Milton Keynes.

Our courses are unique as you can follow them during your implementation or transition of your management system; that way, you are not only learning, but helping to develop your company management system as you go. That saves you time and adds value you won't find elsewhere.

Some of our courses can be followed in your own time via our website. See the courses below for more details.


ISO Standards Awareness

Our ISO standards awareness courses are followed at your own pace via the Knowledge Base online. All Premium Users are able to gain additional information and take a short test on each clause of each standard. Once you have sucessfully passed each 5 question module for each standard, you are awarded an Awareness Certificate for the Standard you have followed through.

You can take each test as many times as you want to as it resets itself in the event you don't reach the 80% pass rate for each module. You can follow your progress on your Reward Page.


Internal Auditing

One of our most popular courses; Our Internal Audit courses adds value to your business as it results in your enhanced ability and skills to create a audit programme, to carry out the audits, and to manage the audit outcomes. Most importantly, the course gives you vital information on how to work with the Senior Management Team to ensure they are involved and engaged with the Internal Audit Activity.

The course is split into a classroom learning phase, and a practical exercise where you can carry out an audit. If you hold the course onsite for your team, the content can be tailored to your organisation and include a supervised audit on your processes.


ISO Implementation

Our ISO implementation course is unique in that it can be completed either in a single 3 day session, or held over a period of time. The content can be tailored to your own organisation, ensuring that the team you train are fully aware of your own management system and fully competent to continue it's development over time.

Alternatively, you can complete the course off-site at our premises. Course content is a mixture of classroom learning and practical and fun examples.

Successful completion of the course entitles you to membership of the 'Forum' to ensure you carry on developing your skills and knowledge via our ongoing programme of seminars and conferences.


The Forum

The Spedan 'Forum' is a unique programme of conferences and seminars held in Milton Keynes each year. Premium Members to the Knowledge Base are automatically entitled to attend the Forum. The Forum provides a partly formal learning platform for attendees, with the additional benefit that 50% of the content is decided by the attendees to ensure that the current issues of the day are discussed and covered.

The Forum also provides clients certified by NQA and BSi to provide informal feedback to those certification bodies without prejudice.


CPD Credits

All our courses are either certified or in-process of certification by CPD. Spedan Ltd is a member of the CPD Certification Service

Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality. The CPD Certification Service provides recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements'